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Battery equipment: mechanical and plant engineering in Europe
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For a transparent view of the supply chain for the production of lithium-ion batteries, „Battery-News.de“ presents an excerpt on battery material manufacturers and battery production.

The information about the listed players comes from press releases of the past years. Companies that are incorrectly not listed can be contacted by e-mail to info@battery-news.de or info@deumet.com.

Further members of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) are listed here.

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Explore the many industrial applications for a variety of sustainable raw materials.

3 - Lithium
Accumulators and batteries, metallurgy, reactor technology, chemistry, glass
12 - Magnesium
Metallurgy, chemical industry, aircraft and vehicle construction
21 - Scandium
Aircraft construction, mercury vapour lamps
27 - Cobalt
Batteries, superalloys, catalysts, hard metals
32 - Germanium
Glass fibre, semiconductor, infrared optics, polymer catalysis
39 - Yttrium
Reactor technology, magnets, metallurgy, tube technology, phosphors
41 - Niobium
Steel industry (superalloys, stainless steel), electronics, turbines
74 -Wolfram
Illuminant industry, metallurgy, military
60 - Neodymium
Magnets, laser technology, glass and porcelain colouring
50 - Tin
Electronics, tinplate, LCD, chemistry, alloys
49 - Indium
Displays, thin-film photovoltaics
Pd, Pt
42, 78 - Platinum Group
Catalysts, jewellery industry, electronics, chemistry, dental technology
42 - Molybdenum
Stainless steel, electronics, catalysts, aircraft and rocket construction

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