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The energy transition is one of the key drivers for the future. This megatrend has been reinforced by the pandemic and the next commodity super-cycle is imminent as supply is expected to lag behind the expected boom in demand. A large part of all infrastructure spending goes to green initiatives. One-third of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure spending pledge is for the transportation and electric vehicle sectors. China has already introduced a new plan for the emerging e-mobility market, which came into effect in 2021 and aims to allow only electric vehicles for car sales by 2035. Many countries in Europe have already introduced bans on new combustion engine vehicles at various points over the next decade.

The EU aims to be climate neutral by 2050 – an economy with net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Germany wants to achieve climate neutrality as early as 2045.

Green and digital technologies are highly dependent on critical raw materials and require both security of supply and sustainability. Here are some examples of industrial megatrends:


Next generation batteries

Wind turbines


Energy storage

Robotics, Industry 4.0

Space travel

A growing population and increasing demand for energy and raw materials continue to strain our planet’s finite resources. The need for solutions to improve energy efficiency and provide alternatives for scarce resources has never been greater. These trends are developing against a backdrop of a continued increase in global emissions, which has led to heightened debates around climate change and possible solutions.

A raw material super-cycle is imminent and needs visionary course-setting for goal-oriented raw material extraction.
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