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We strive for our participations and subsidiaries to become members of our network as well. Only together with strong network partners can we develop our projects sustainably into the future.

We work with the following partners

At the UN Global Compact, we want to mobilise a global movement of sustainable businesses and stakeholders to create the world we want. That is our vision.
  1. Act responsibly by aligning their policies and operations with the Ten Principles on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption ; and
  2. Take strategic action to advance broader societal goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on collaboration and innovation.

ILiA is the global trade association for the lithium industry and represents the entire lithium value chain. The Association was established in 2021 as an international not-for-profit industry association run by and for its members.

The European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) was announced on 3 September 2020, as part of an Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials, and the publication of the 2020 List of Critical Raw Materials.

and future challenges and proposes actions to reduce Europe’s raw materials’ dependency on third countries, diversifying supply from both primary and secondary sources and improving resource efficiency and circularity while promoting responsible sourcing worldwide.

Digbee ESG is an ESG disclosure platform for the mining industry. It provides a right-sized, forward-looking framework that is aligned with key global standards.

It is accepted by leading stakeholders, greatly simplifies ESG disclosure and rewards management actions.

The Fachvereinigung Auslandsbergbau und internationale Rohstoffaktivitäten (FAB) in the Vereinigung Rohstoffe und Bergbau is an association of German companies that are active in foreign mining or would like to become involved in it in the future.

and exchange of experience on the raw materials activities of its member companies abroad. It represents the common interests of its members in their activities abroad vis-à-vis German and foreign institutions.
The topics and tasks of the FAB include in particular:

  • International raw materials management and raw materials policy
  • Foreign investment, financing and guarantee instruments
  • Mining consulting and services, geotechnical and environmental engineering
  • Contact mediation, cooperation and lecture events

The Lateinamerika Verein e.V. (LAV) is the network and information platform for individuals, institutions and companies interested in Latin America – and has been for over 100 years!

AHK Argentina has been strengthening bilateral industrial and trade relations between Germany and Argentina since 1916.

in the Argentine market, the German-Argentine Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Argentina) has extensive expertise, especially in the areas of foreign trade and market entry. The aim is to promote structures and networks that strengthen economic relations between Argentina and Germany and create mutual benefits for companies within the framework of a development characterised by sustainability.

Batteries Europe is an European technology and innovation platform for batteries and provides a forum to drive research and innovation activities.

the development of a globally competitive European battery industry. This will implement the ‘SET-Plan Action 7’ and other priority actions that could help speed up the energy transition and achieve the EU’s goal of becoming a world leader in the deployment and use of renewable energy.

The project brings together a variety of stakeholders along the commodity value chain from EU and Latin America to develop a green and carbon neutral economy.

and responsible mining”, it aims to take a step further towards integrating strategic industrial value chains for both regions, exploring new business models and creating added value for society, with high environmental and social standards at the heart of this partnership.