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Sustainable business means: social, ecological and economic concerns must be weighed up against each other again and again and brought into a reasonable relationship. With this approach, German industry steadily contributes to prosperity and environmental protection in Germany and other parts of the world.

What do the terms Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) stand for?


evaluation of investments according to environmental protection aspects


  • investment in renewable energy
  • efficient use of energy and raw materials
  • environmentally friendly production
  • low emissions to air and water


evaluation of investments based on social and societal aspects


  • compliance with core labour rights
  • high standards of occupational health and safety
  • fair conditions at the workplace, adequate pay and training and development opportunities
  • freedom of assembly and trade unionism
  • enforcement of sustainability standards with suppliers


valuation of investments according to type of corporate governance


  • transparent measures to prevent corruption and bribery
  • anchoring sustainability management at board and supervisory board level
  • linking Executive Board remuneration to the achievement of sustainability goals
  • dealing with whistleblowing
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